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HP Takes a Second Look at Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

HP to Blu-ray: Take us seriously, or we'll join HD DVD | It seems that HP’s view on Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, Managed Copies, and iHD has shifted a bit.  In part, by some comments that I made online about the issue.


Quote: “HP's perspective change began when the online publication eHomeUpgrade cited an extensive excerpt from our story, gathering commentary from other sources. In his personal blog, Chris Lanier, a Microsoft MVP (a professional developer who works with, though not for, Microsoft), responded by saying Peterson got his facts wrong about Advanced Access Content System (AACS), the principal Internet-oriented copy protection system which both Blu-ray and HD DVD claim to support.”


Quote:  “Peterson told us [TG Daily], when HP read the blog comments alleging HP was mistaken about AACS - particularly Peterson's September comment that AACS gives studios the tools to determine which discs can be copied, and by whom - they began investigating their facts, and were surprised by the results. HP's stand on AACS up until September, Peterson now acknowledges, was "based on our interpretation of what we'd been hearing from some of the studios within the BDA.”

Latest Media Center Knowledge Base Articles

Media Center Extender does not work after you uninstall Update Rollup 2 for Windows Media Center Edition 2005


Description of the new Away mode for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


The Live TV channel changes when you pause Live TV and then press OK on the MCE remote control in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


You receive an "INSERT MEDIA" error message when you try to use the Create CD/DVD experience in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


You cannot type uppercase letters by using the Media Center Extender remote on a Media Center Extender for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


After a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based computer enters Away mode, nothing happens when you press the Sleep button on the USB keyboard


You cannot select "Create" to create a second copy of a CD or a DVD on a computer that is running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


You receive a "Playback Initialization Error" error message when you use Fast User Switching in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


You may not be able to use Media Center to change the language of a DVD movie in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


When you press the power button on a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based computer, the computer may not respond as expected


The Disk Cleanup Wizard may not be able to resolve a low disk space condition in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


You cannot play a DVD in Media Center after you insert the DVD into the DVD drive of a Sony computer that is running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


Update Rollup 908250 is available for computers that are running Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


The same DVB-T service is assigned multiple channel numbers in the Program Guide in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


When you press the power button to put a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based computer in Away mode, a CD or a DVD does not stop playing

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The Media Center Show #30

The Media Center Show #30 | 27th October 2005 (1 hour 11mins 3secs) MP3 -24.4MB (Download Here)


This week Ian Dixon talked with Ed Bott, Windows expert, blogger and now Media Center blogger.  They talk about Media Center, CableCARD, DRM, Vista and even Office 12.

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Onkyo Planning Media Center PC's

Onkyo/Integra: MCE In | CE Pro is reporting that Onkyo plans to get into the Media Center PC game mid-2006!  Hmm.  Interesting name to be building Media Center machines, might allude to where Media Center is going in the future when a company like Onkyo (who aren’t in the PC game at all) start build Media Center PC’s.  =)

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AkimboHD and Smart CEO's and VP's!

AkimboHD details straight from "Mr. Akimbo" himself! | Josh Goldman (Akimbo CEO) let slip on comments at HD Beat that AkmiboHD is a huge deal, and is in the works now!


"I'm a huge HD fan myself and have been a big advocate of Akimbo's download model being the best way to deliver HD content today.  And I'll stop being non-committal on the topic... this is a good place to make it known.  Yes, AkimboHD is coming and works right now on current HD-capable MCE devices.  We're showing AkimboHD demos now to some press and partners. We haven't officially "announced" it or launched it simply because we don't want to launch with just a few demo titles.  We're signing HD content deals now so that when AkimboHD launches there will be some good content there. It looks great of course...  You have a standing invite to come see it here in our offices if you're in the area. "


Besides being extremely happy to see Akimbo get into Media Center with SD content and now HD content on the way, I would like to thank Josh Goldman, Jim Funk, and the rest of the guys at Akimbo!


Josh, the CEO is posting comments on blogs, I got an e-mail from Jim about my posting and he posted comments on my blog, and it just keeps going.  Great job getting out there to see what the users like and dislike!  Great job taking time to personally contact bloggers about your services.  More companies need this type of attitude today!

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10 Foot World Launches In Online Spotlight

10 Foot World, Inc announced today that its first version of MCE web portal service will be part of Online Spotlight, the internet access section of Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. The inclusion of 10 Foot World into Online Spotlight will make web-surfing available from the comfort of your sofa. The initial version 10 Foot World 1.0 consists of live web content such as Media Center Guide, Horoscope, My Recipes, 10’ Bar, Current Movie Reviews and Daily Currency Watch.


Online Spotlight offers Windows® XP Media Center customers an easy way to find new software and services such as video, news, and music on-demand directly from the remote control. Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 makes it possible for third parties to build software that further enhances the 10-foot experience. Online Spotlight is a core part of Windows XP Media Center 2005 and has been specifically designed to bring the power of the Internet into the living room. All the sites have been custom built to ensure the user experience fits the Media Center environment and its unique 10 foot interface.


10 Foot World has been at the forefront of providing and packaging online content in MCE-friendly format. Our strategy of transferring and placing web content from traditional .com to 10’UI has proven to be effective as we are experiencing tremendous demand and interest for our services in North America and Europe. The partnership with Microsoft’s Online Spotlight is a natural progression of our effort to enhance the Media Center experience by merging web content with all other digital media within Media Center units. This partnership is also recognition of our market position and leadership in the 10-foot web arena – says Jury Balta, Senior Product Manager of 10 Foot World.

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v2 Extenders vs. Xbox 360

Henning Hoffmann at HDBlog doesn’t like the idea of no v2 Extenders other than the Xbox 360 being released (Ed Bott: Do I have to buy an Xbox 360 if I want an extender?).  I believe, if this is true, it is also a mistake.  v1 Extenders are grossly overprices for the technology inside.  The Xbox 360 is actually going to sale for extremely cheap for what’s actually included.


At this point, Microsoft needs to be pushing OEM’s to get sub $200 standalone v2 Extenders out.  I don’t want to buy an Xbox 360 for every room in the house.  I want a single Xbox 360, and then 3-4 standalone Extenders.  The perfect price point for standalone Extenders is just around $150, and I think it’s very possible with existing technology to provide the product at the right price.

Akimbo Launces "Preview" on Media Center

Akimbo Systems has launched a free-trial preview of its service on MCE.* It’s available now on Online Spotlight.


Over 5000 titles are there now from nearly 100 providers... all types of content from videoblogs to foreign content to independent film to archives of popular cable television channel programs.


Check the MLB condensed games! Great way to review the playoffs and now watch the World Series!


*NOTE: Akimbo has a basic-service level that contains about half of its content... all those titles are a part of Akimbo's basic monthly fee (normally $9.99 per month). No monthly fee is charged during this test period, so those titles can be downloaded and viewed on MCE for free. HOWEVER, content marked with prices (Akimbo's Premium content) WILL be charged, even during this preview. To try the service for free, look for categories within providers marked "Free for All" and enjoy those programs. Feel free to try premium titles also, but understand that those will be charged at the posted rates.


Feel free to add any questions or comments that you have about the service here.  They will be heard by the by the folks at Akimbo!  =)

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Charlie Owen and Paul Thurrott on Media Center in Vista

Paul Thurrott Takes Us To Task Over Media Center in Windows Vista Beta (Charlie Owen) | Charlie has given everyone a nice review of whets going on and the ability to provide suggestions and influence the Media Center team for what will become Vista Media Center!


Charlie Owen: After reading Paul’s review and my thoughts here, what do you think...?  Are we on the right track, or have things gone horribly awry?  Leave comments for the team to read -- we value your feedback.

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New Media Center Bloggers!

Peter Rosser


David Fleischman


Aaron Stebner

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Build the Ultimate Media Center 2005 Machine on a Budget

How To Build the Ultimate Windows Media Center 2005 Machine on a Budget | Informit has a nice guide to creating a Media Center PC on a budget.

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The Media Center Show #29

The Media Center Show #29 | 20st October 2005 (60mins 38secs) MP3 - 20.8MB (Download Here)


This week Ian Dixon talked with Greg Reinacker from Newsgator talk about RSS and Newsgator’s RSS reader for Media Center.  In addition, news (Rollup 2 Launch) with Orb and e-mails

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A CableCARD Quote For Thomas...

Be sure to watch this Channel 9 video with Jeff Henshaw and David Alles.  A notable quote that might please a few of you is as follows.


David Alles (Microsoft): “So right now if you're in North America you can get ATSC High Definition television, which is the Over the Air, free signals.  Coming up soon, we will have cable.  So, if you are a cable subscriber and you have OpenCable, there will be an OpenCable CableCARD in the PC, so you get your little smart card and plug it in and you will be able to get all of your High Definition television that way...”


And to back up the point I have had for a while about Windows XP not being ready to get certified by CableLabs, open up your Registry Editor after installing Update Rollup 2 and do a search for “UDCR” and notice what you get.  UDCR is Uni-Directional Cable Receiver, or what we all call CableCARD.  Support for CableCARD has been being built for some time now, it just can’t happen until Windows Vista and the fact that Update Rollup 2 has bits related to UDCR just backs up this point even more.  Microsoft does care about HD, they just don't have the platform that will enable it to happen yet.  Vista will be (yet again) a turning point for Media Center and more!

Microsoft and Sony Team on Digital Entertainment Content Management System

Q&A: Microsoft and Sony Team on Digital Entertainment Content Management System | The kids are asleep. The popcorn's ready. Time to watch that favorite old movie on DVD. You pop open the case, but instead of “Dr. Zhivago,” you're staring at a copy of “Dr. Seuss.”


Another misplaced disc, another frustrating search through the entertainment center shelves – it’s one the more familiar and irritating drawbacks of owning large collections of entertainment content stored on DVDs and CDs. But with today’s launch of the Sony VAIO XL1 Digital Living System, a new digital content management product developed in close partnership with Microsoft, movie and music buffs can get back to enjoying their discs instead of playing hide-and-seek with them.


Consisting of a 200-disc media changer and recorder console that connects to a Sony VAIO PC running Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, the Sony VAIO XL1 Digital Living System lets users control their media library in one location using the wireless keyboard and remote control. In addition to storing and indexing up to 200 CDs or DVDs at a time for playback on audio and video devices linked to their home entertainment center through the PC, VAIO XL1 system owners can use the Media Center Edition capabilities to manage content such as downloaded movies and music, digitally recorded TV shows, personal photos and high-definition camcorder video files.


The challenges involved in tightly integrating Sony’s disc changer, media recording and archiving capabilities, and other feature sets with Media Center Edition required deep – but not unprecedented – collaboration between the two companies. To learn more about this longtime partnership and the work involved in bringing VAIO XL1 to market, PressPass spoke with Mark Hanson, vice president of Sony VAIO of America, and Kevin Eagan, general manager of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division at Microsoft.


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TweakMCE & Update Rollup 2 Hacks

How to get TweakMCE to work with Update Rollup 2 for MCE 2005 | Aaron Stebner explains what registry entries to change to enable TweakMCE to install after Update Rollup 2.

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Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living Room of the Future

Jeff Henshaw and David Alles - Xbox 360 and Media Center: Living room of the future (Channel 9) | “This is the first of a series of videos we'll have on the Xbox 360 over the next few months.

You might think that the Xbox 360 is only a game machine. But, here you'll learn it's a lot more than a game machine and that when you plug a Media Center and an Xbox 360 together you get a new kind of entertainment system.

Here, Jeff of the Xbox team, and David, of the Media Center team, tell you about their team's work and the future of media in your home.”

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Ian Dixon Scores Microsoft MVP Award

Ian Dixon - MVP! | Ian Dixon has scored the Microsoft MVP award for his work with Media Center (and The Media Center Show).  Congratulations Ian!  Maybe one day I can join you as a Media Center MVP.

InterVideo and Ulead Showcase Digital Home and MCE Plug-in Solutions

InterVideo, Inc., a leader in digital media software technology and PC/CE convergence, and Ulead Systems, Inc., a 16-year industry leader in video, image and DVD software, today announced that they will showcase InterVideo Home Theater and InterVideo Media Content Server together with several MCE Plug-in applications at the Fall Intel Developer Forum this week. The demonstration will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center.


InterVideo's advanced Digital Home solution includes the latest version of InterVideo Home Theater, an all-in-one digital home entertainment software solution, and InterVideo Media Content Server. InterVideo Home Theater is a complete solution for watching and recording TV programs, viewing videos, creating personal music libraries and producing photo slideshows. A Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)-certified digital media player, InterVideo Home Theater can play media content from any digitally compliant media server, including the InterVideo Media Content Server.


InterVideo Media Content Server can be used to turn any PC into a powerful multimedia server. It manages and streams digital entertainment content to other UPnP-connected devices such as CE devices and PCs within a home network. In addition to being UPnP-certified, InterVideo Media Content Server and InterVideo Home Theater are also DLNA certified, providing consumers with the assurance that they comply with all mandatory requirements in the DLNA Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines.


At IDF, InterVideo and Ulead will also jointly present several of their Windows MCE Plug-in solutions, which are designed to work seamlessly with a Microsoft Media Center environment and the new Intel Viiv technology-based PCs. The benefits of the MCE Plug-in solutions will be showcased in demonstrations of DVD playback, direct burning and photo slideshow using applications such as InterVideo XPack, InterVideo Disc Label, Ulead DV Show and Ulead Slide Show.


"InterVideo is committed to providing easy, affordable solutions for sharing digital content throughout the digital home -- a concept pioneered by Intel," said Steve Ro, CEO and President of InterVideo. "Ease of use and interoperability are key requirements for the success of Digital Home products, and by combining UPnP and DLNA certification with InterVideo's advanced technologies, consumers can be confident that InterVideo Home Theater and InterVideo Media Content Server provide the device interoperability they need to maximize their entertainment experience."

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Hotmail Plug-In for Media Center!

Hotmail Add-in for Media Center Screenshots | Sean Alexander has some screenshots posted of a new Hotmail plug-in for Media Center that’s due out soon!

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