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RecordNow! Fix For WMP 10

Sonic has posted a patch on their website to fix the version lookup problems with RecordNow! and WMP 10.

RecordNow and Windows Media Player version 10

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Portable Media Players with 125GB of Storage by 2007

According to an article at eWeek, by 2007 will will have Portable Media Players (Such as Portable Media Center's) with at least 125GB of storage.  Here's a few of the top quotes from the article.

“The recently introduced players will also be designed to record and download high-definition as well as standard-definition video, said David Proctor, hardware lead for the Microsoft Portable Media Center“

“Future Portable Media Players, or PMPs, may include the ability to directly record video and connect to a wireless network...”

Microsoft Media Players to Boast Bigger Drives,1759,1650495,00.asp

PMPs with 125GB of Storage by 2007

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New WMP Help Articles

Guide To Error C00D0BC2/C00D0BC4 In Windows Media Player

Sound Issues In Windows Media Player

Video Issues In Windows Media Player

Guide To Error C00D11BB In Windows Media Player

Guide To Error C00D1199 In Windows Media Player

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WMP Help Articles Updated!

Many of the WMP Help Articles I have done have none been redone to add information from the Windows Media Player FAQ, Windows Media Player Common Error ID page, and the Windows Media Advice sections on Microsoft's website.  For the most part, I kept most of the information that I have written to start with and just added extra links to the posts about related sections of the sites above.  The formatting of them has also been changed so they look a bit better.  Not all of them have been updated, but the heavy hitters have been.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click the side links to go back a month or so and you will see groups of WMP Help Articles posted.

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More New WMP 10 KB Articles

FIX: Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 may not work correctly after you upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005;EN-US;884373

The client cannot play back video, and multiple "401 - Access denied" error messages are logged in the Windows Media Services logs;EN-US;885168

You receive a "Windows Media Player cannot convert the file to the format required by the device" error message when you try to synchronize video content in Windows Media Player 10 to a Pocket PC 2003 device;EN-US;885213

When you try to play content that you do not have the codec for, you do not receive a message to automatically install the codec in Windows Media Player;EN-US;884769

You receive an error message when you transfer protected Windows Media content to a Portable Media Center device;EN-US;885944

How to determine the version of Windows Media Player;EN-US;190990

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A Look At The Portable Media Center's

Check out the link below for another Channel9 video!

“Here's a look at Microsoft's new Portable Media Center with Brett Bentsen, product unit manager of the team that built the Portable Media Center.“

Brett Bentsen - A look at the Portable Media Center

[At some point I will have a review of Portable Media Center's up here]

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Microsoft Signs OEMs for Windows CE IP STB's

Microsoft has just signed eight additional OEM's that will now use Windows CE to power IP Set-top boxes.

“Microsoft said the chief advantages of using Windows CE in a set-top box includes easier customization, remote management capabilities, the option to add new applications and services to boxes in the field, a rich multimedia experience for users, native support for the Windows Media 9 Series Codecs and DRM.

The company noted that the standardization of Windows Media Video 9 into the VC-1 video codec standard (formerly VC-9) is now being considered for ballot as a Final Committee Draft (FCD) with SMPTE's C-24 group and has received acceptance by the Blu-ray Disc Association and the DVD Forum's HD DVD. Microsoft is a founding member of Advanced Access Content System, an organization defining the next-generation copy protection for HD content in optical media. “

Microsoft Signs OEMs for Windows CE IP Set-top Boxes

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Sony Want's To Support MP3 Now?!?

According to an article on CNET, Sony has now decided to support the MP3 format in there portable music players.  I'm sure most of ya'll had no idea that a company that big would not support MP3, but I guess so.  Sony has their own format called ATRAC that they like to use.  Only problem?  The format sucks!  ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding and is support it everyone of Sony's products.  The large problem is that they are the only company who supports it.  Add to that, having to transcode from MP3 (Or WMA, AAC, etc) to the format just to play it!  Crazy.  Transcoding from lossy 2 lossy is never good.  Thumbs up for Sony if this is true.
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MCE 2005 Launching in October

Many news sites have been reporting that MCE 2005 will ship in October!  This is great news.  Likely the coolest thing coming with MCE 2005 is Media Center Extenders.  These devices will stream your content to other rooms, this is a big plus for MCE vs. .  Sure, Reply has/had the function, but from what I remember reading it was not the best.  No other HTPC app currently can stream this type of content to a device, that is not another PC.  Plus, we also have Windows Media Connect coming soon that will enable non-MCE PC's to stream content very nicely.  As soon as MCE 2005 lanuchs I will post information on what is new, there are many things floating around, but it's best to get official word.

Also, MCE 2005 is expected to ship to MSDN in November.

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Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility

The Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility helps you determine if an MPEG-2 video decoder (also called a DVD decoder) is installed on your Windows XP computer and whether or not the decoder is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows XP Media Center Edition.

An MPEG-2 decoder is software that allows you to play DVDs and files that contain video content that was encoded in the MPEG-2 format (such as DVR-MS files, MPG files, and some AVI files).

If you encounter a problem while using Windows Media Player 10 to play a DVD or to synchronize (copy) recorded TV shows to a Portable Media Center or other device, use this utility to verify that you have a compatible MPEG-2 decoder installed on your computer.

Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility Download

Yahoo! Buys MusicMatch Inc. For $160 Million

Interesting!  Yahoo! has just purchased MusicMatch Inc for $160 million.  I really can't think of a stranger company to purchase MusicMatch, but whatever!  Back in the day, MusicMatch Jukebox (MMJB) was one of the first real Jukebox apps for ripping CD's, Burning, cataloging, etc.  Now, with the latest versions its not to great, IMO.

It will be fun to see were Yahoo! takes MMJB and the digital music services that MusicMatch has.

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Funny MCE 2005 Article

So, the folks at The Inquirer have done it again.  An article about MCE, without knowing the first thing about the product.  Below are some nice quotes from the aritcle.  Oh, ya.  These are the same guys who had an article last year about how MCE was scrapped.  Not 3 weeks later MCE 2004 was released, so don't read into, or believe any of this trash.

"In fact, since MC05 is just a tweaked version of XP Home" - Wrong.  MCE has always been a superset of XP Pro. I don't see that changing.

"...also comes with Media Center 10" - Media Player 10, Likely

"There will be no upgrade path available unless your manufacturer says so" - Different from MCE 2004?  Nope

"we return to the fact that it is based on XP Home," - Again, Nope.

"The PC will not connect to a domain and will not allow you to do any of the other tricks that XP Pro offers" - Nope.

"One other thing that surprised me is the wireless support...." - Shocking. Its XP.  I wouldn't take this guys word for anything.

"The fact that it only supports 802.11a or g was the shocking bit. Notice that there is not 802.11b on that list." - This guy got a list?  Did he read it, from the looks of the article I would say not.

"Overall, it looks like Media Center 2005 is a step forward" - Although your reporting is another step back.

"The DRM in the older MC PCs is scary" - Please

"The way MS implemented DRM is simply inexcusable, they caved into the draconian money grubbing ways of the content providers at your expense" - CGMS-A, right?  HBO implemented it, right?  Nothing to do with MS or MCE.

"I can't recommend Media Center in any way, shape or form" - Wonder why?  Maybe that you have no idea on earth what you are talking about could have something to do with it.

[On wireless subject] "While the cost of a g part is next to nothing, if you have an non-upgradable MC04 box, or an older media center extender, you are SOL." - Since when are these PC's non-upgradable?  Since when are there "older" Media Center Extenders?

"Oh well, if you buy a first generation product, things like this are what you tend to get." - He must be talking about .11b WiFi routers, which have been around for how long?

[On "movie finder" subject] "they do make it seem like it will support non-MS services" - Since when is MS the backbone for the feeds sent into MCE.  The guide comes directly from!  I have no idea about the "movie finder", but just another case of bad reporting.

Microsoft Media Center 2005 DRM is draconian

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Any Bugs In WMP 10?

You tell me!  Post any bugs here that you find in WMP 10.  I'm looking for real bugs in Windows Media Player 10, not exactly bugs caused by third party software.  An example of a bug caused by third party software is an AVI not playing becuase you don't have the correct codec installed, or WMP locking up becuase of an issue with your video or audio drivers.

What do you see what that should not be?  Or what do you not see that should be?

***Comments disabled as no one really understands what a "bug" is.  Sorry.  Post in the Newsgroups if you have problems.***

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Display Album Art While In Mini-Mode!

Something cool I just found out about WMP 10 is that with the new Energy Bliss Visualization you can display the album art now while in Mini-Mode!  Just minimize WMP 10 to the Taskbar, Show the Visualization show and switch to the Energy Bliss Visualization and you are done!  Kind of cool.

Visualizations for Windows Media Player

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T2:Extreme Edition with WMP 10

This should be helpful for all the Google searchers.  This is from Steve Zupan, Senior DVD Applications and Support Engineer, InterActual Technologies, Inc.

“First, let me explain what the problem actually is so that you understand what the patch is for. In the DVD-ROM content on the T2 disc is a script that performs a "version check" on your Windows Media Player. The way it is *supposed* to work is that if you have an older installation of WMP (6.4, 7, or 8), an HTML screen will replace the video in InterActual Player and advise you to install Windows Media 9 to continue (the installer is on the DVD). Then you can just click on the link to launch the installer. If you see this and have not updated Media Player, then just follow the installer prompts to install WM9 from the DVD.

However, this script no longer works if the detected version of WMP is greater than 9. So a Media 10 user would still see the prompt to upgrade WMP even though they already have the newest version. If this is you, then install the patch to correct the WMP detection and the interface should function properly.

Now, from what you are describing it sounds like there is a separate problem not related to the patch or to Media Player. So there should NOT be a need to roll back the system or remove Media 10 from it. After reading the description of the issue, it sounds like the DVD video navigation is not working properly, and the DVD-ROM component that launches the High-Def feature is not even being hit.

Technically, the "High-Definition" link on the T2 video menu has two destinations, and which one you get will depend on whether you are using InterActual Player or not, and of course, whether you are using the actual DVD or are playing the files from a hard drive. Both have similar text, so they are hard to tell apart, and list the system requirements for the feature. But the correct one (the actual disc, running in InterActual Player) has two options: "Return To Main Menu", and "Continue". Hitting Continue starts the High-Def feature. The menu you see in a regular DVD player (or Zoom Player, or if playing the ripped files) only has the "Return To Main Menu" option available, and the High-Def content is not accessible.

So, how to correct this? Not a problem. You can switch modes in InterActual Player by doing the following:

1. Open InterActual Player, and click the Configure button. This is in the row of buttons at the top of the InterActual Player window, third from left. It has a hammer and wrench in the icon.
2. When the Configure panel opens, go to the Options tab.
3. Make sure that the Startup Mode is set as “InterActual Features”, and click OK when done.
4. Click the View Content button, which is in the row of buttons at the top of the InterActual Player window, on the far left. It has a disc in the icon.
5. Select “InterActual Features” from the menu that appears. This should reset the DVD ROM interface in InterActual Player.
If InterActual Player is in "DVD Video" mode, then it will behave like a regular player (Zoom Player for instance). No DVD-ROM features will run, and that includes the High-Definition feature on T2. Only DVD video will play. It is recommended to keep the player in InterActual Features mode at all times, since it will only try to run InterActual Features if they are detected on the DVD.

If you still run into this problem after doing this, then you will probably need to do the following:
1. Uninstall InterActual Player.
2. Re-run the InterActual Player installer from Disc 2 of T2 Extreme (this is a custom version of the player that installs required Windows Media security components).
3. Reinstall the T2 patch for Windows Media 10 users.
4. You should be set. Turn down the lights and nuke some popcorn.

The patch was tested with Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed, both here and at Microsoft, and should have no problems.”

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Try It! Videos From Microsoft

If you are not sure how-to do something in Windows Media Player you might want to check out Microsoft's new Try It! Videos Webpage.  From new features of WMP 10, to basic features that you might not even know about!  Link is below and the videos are stream with Windows Media, of course.

Try It! Videos

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Great WMP Support Pages From Microsoft

Microsoft has been doing a much better job lately providing better support pages and troubleshooting information from their official Windows Media Player Homepage.  Below are a few links that should help you with your problems or just learn a bit more.  Much of this information is just Zach's WMP mini-FAQ that has been reworded and organized much better.  So, check them out.


Windows Media Player FAQ


Windows Media Advice Archive  (Good Read)


Troubleshooting Windows Media Player Error Messages


Windows Media Player 10 Help Documentation

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l3codecp.acm Explanations With WMP 10

In WMP 10 Microsoft shelled out the cash to FhG to included a full features, high bitrate MP3 Encoder for ripping CD's.  l3codecp.acm is this new encoder and the File Version is  Now, the fun part of this is that out on the internet and in most “Codec Packs” there is an included version of l3codecp.acm, but its very different then the new one shipped with WMP 10.  If you have l3codecp.acm with the File Version of, you have the pirated one.  The pirated version will encode and decode via the same file, but it will also break things in WMP, the main thing being Crossfading.

So, Good version as is follows.
File Name: l3codecp.acm
File Version:
Copyright: Copyright © 2004 Fraunhofer IIS

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Windows Media Player 10 - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Thomas Hawk has a nice review of the latest version of WMP up on his site.  A good read about what's good, bad and just horrible about the new version.

Windows Media Player 10 -- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

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New WMP 10 KB Articles

Error message when you try to synchronize video files in Windows Media Player 10;EN-US;884841

WMAPro content that contains SAP with digital output plays for several seconds and then stops playing in Windows Media Player 10;EN-US;885212

You receive a "A security problem occurred" when you try to play content on a secure Web site in Windows Media Player 10;EN-US;885136

Caption text is missing from the caption bar when you play a media clip in Windows Media Player 10;EN-US;885008

You may experience decreased battery life when you synchronize devices in Windows Media Player 10;EN-US;885211

Streaming media may take longer than expected to start playing in Windows Media Player 10;EN-US;885007

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