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[Deployment] Watch out for systems starting to ship with AF Hard Disk Drives
Tue, May 3 2011 10:23
OK this is a potential scary situation you could find yourself in without knowing it. I wasn't aware until my good friend and fellow MVP Greg Ramsey of Dell told me about the new Advanced Format (AF 4k) drives that are going to start shipping in Dell... Read More...
[Deployment] If you’re deploying Dell systems you’ll want to checkout the “Advanced Format Hard Drives TechTuesday Chat” TODAY
Tue, May 3 2011 5:09
With Dell planning to ship Latitude, Optiplex and Precision systems with the Advanced Format (AF) hard disks starting this month, I’d strongly recommend that you attend their “ Advanced Format Hard Drives TechTuesday Chat ” which is happening at 15:00... Read More...
[MMS] New MMS 2010 Schedule Planner Available
Mon, Mar 8 2010 1:30
From the MMS 2010 News page: A new download is available on the MMS 2010 site to help schedule your time at MMS 2010. The document provides a session listing grouped by timeslot, with a list of the topics being presented in that slot. To plan your schedule... Read More...


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