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[WSUS] SP2 Release Candidate now Available on Connect
Tue, May 26 2009 16:30
A heads up that you can now download the SP2 Release Candidate of WSUS SP2 from Connect , details below. Don’t think you need to have friends in high places to get access because as it says on the Connect site: “ We appreciate your participation in this... Read More...
[MMS] Grab some popcorn, crash on the sofa and enjoy...
Thu, Apr 30 2009 7:59
.. various videos including the MMS keynotes all for free and without any jetlag: read more ) Read More... Read More...
[MMS] Cinderella you CAN go to the ball
Mon, Apr 27 2009 3:22
Thinking you’re missing out by NOT being at MMS? Well you CAN be there thanks to Microsoft’s new Virtual Attendee package that gives you: Access to the MMS 2009 CommNet now and after MMS Live Webcast of the MMS 2009 Keynotes* Video Recordings of Breakout... Read More...
[MMS] Registration is now Live for MMS 2009…!!
Tue, Dec 9 2008 4:03
TODAY is the the day – Registration for MMS 2009 is now officially OPEN: Not sure if I’m going to make it next year (like most folks depends on my employment status and funding)....( read more ) Read... Read More...


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