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WinRT and SQLite Tutorial
Mon, Dec 10 2012 12:23
Some WinRT applications can benefit from having access to the storage system on the client. While there are useful APIs that access the local file system (under some constraints), sometimes working with a data management system is desirable. SQLite provides such data management features with a small footprint. With the proper helper tools, access to the data... Read More...
WinRT State Management Tutorial – Part 2
Sun, Oct 21 2012 11:58
This is part 2 of the WinRT tutorial set that demonstrates how to manage the various states that a WinRT application experiences. In this tutorial, a multi-page application is created using the AdventureWorks OData web service as the source of the data. The application displays the AdventureWorks Product Catalog. It filters the data based on the product categories... Read More...
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WinRT State Management Tutorial
Wed, Sep 19 2012 15:36
WinRT applications transition between a number of different states. Closed applications transition to running applications. Running applications can be suspended or closed. Suspended applications can be resumed or terminated. Understanding these states and maintaining correct Application and Session State is critical to the UX. In this tutorial , we explain the... Read More...
WinRT Async Tutorial
Sat, Jun 30 2012 12:53
WinRT applications, available on both Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems, make extensive use of asynchronous programming concepts. In fact, with WinRT, Microsoft has followed a simple rule: if an API is expected to take more than 50 milliseconds to run, the API is asynchronous. The rationale behind this decision was to make user experience fluid and not... Read More...