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WinRT and SQLite Tutorial
Mon, Dec 10 2012 12:23
Some WinRT applications can benefit from having access to the storage system on the client. While there are useful APIs that access the local file system (under some constraints), sometimes working with a data management system is desirable. SQLite provides such data management features with a small footprint. With the proper helper tools, access to the data... Read More...
WinRT Split App Template Tutorial
Fri, Nov 2 2012 15:27
There are two templates available for Windows Store applications that include all the features of a complete application. These are the Split Application and the Grid Application. Each application includes a “sample data model” that is thoroughly linked to the pages as well as the CSS created by the template. The idea is that developers will substitute their... Read More...
Windows 8, Metro, and Windows RT
Sat, May 5 2012 10:34
As Microsoft moves toward the release of their new operation system(s), there continues to be some real confusion about terminology and features. I recently was asked by the author of a college textbook to help explain what is happening in the Microsoft space. Below is my response to him. A good description of what is happening can be found in Brandon LeBlanc... Read More...
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