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WinRT Split App Template Tutorial
Fri, Nov 2 2012 15:27
There are two templates available for Windows Store applications that include all the features of a complete application. These are the Split Application and the Grid Application. Each application includes a “sample data model” that is thoroughly linked to the pages as well as the CSS created by the template. The idea is that developers will substitute their... Read More...
WinRT State Management Tutorial – Part 2
Sun, Oct 21 2012 11:58
This is part 2 of the WinRT tutorial set that demonstrates how to manage the various states that a WinRT application experiences. In this tutorial, a multi-page application is created using the AdventureWorks OData web service as the source of the data. The application displays the AdventureWorks Product Catalog. It filters the data based on the product categories... Read More...
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