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Windows Phone 7 Tutorial Part 3 Available
Mon, Jan 10 2011 14:37
I just published the third tutorial in my series on Windows Phone 7. This part completes the Golf Handicap application by adding the ability to manage scores from rounds of golf. This was a very interesting exercise and provides a example of using OData and web services with Windows Phone 7. My initial design of the Scores view model was based on the ability... Read More...
WP7 Tutorial – Part 2: Managing Courses
Fri, Dec 24 2010 11:31
In Part 2 of this tutorial series , we start to build the actual Golf Handicap application for Windows Phone 7. It is highly recommended that you view Part 1 first because it shows how to set up the web service and communicate to it via the Windows Phone 7 and OData Protocol. In this tutorial, we start building the application by providing features to manage... Read More...