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Visual Studio SharePoint Tools Blog Launched…phenomenal!!

Yeps – as the title indicates a new blog has been launched over at MSDN! It’s good to hear that the Visual Studio Business Applications SharePoint Tools QA team has joined us in the blogosphere (phew, long name for that team!!). They are promising a range...

8 Little Known Things About Me...Tag and Tell

Tag, tag, tag...Here's how busy i've actually been of late. very few posts (but it's picking up again) and i've had a hard time catching up with an ever-growing list of RSS feeds (i need to cull this methinks). Anyways, David Lemphers...
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Pretty picture..

A colleague of mine, JP, just sent me an email with a photo he took in Bali on his last holiday (couple of weeks ago) and i wanted to share it.. the detail is fantastic and i really like this photo - i know less about photo aesthetics than i do about...
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Andrew Bartucciotto - Long time coming...first post, yay!

Finally, Andrew got his finger out and posted his virgin post over at Andrew Bartucciotto << for those who wants to customise MOSS, Andrew's the man... I'm sure we'll see a ton of great posts from him in the near future...
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