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How to add a JavaScript file as a resource and reference it from a custom AJAX control

One of the problem areas of writing custom web control is the dependency you can get when referencing script files (such as javascript). Another problem is ensuring that you always use the latest version of that file as well. so how to overcome this?...

Microsoft releases ASP.Net AJAX 4.0 Preview to CodePlex

Yeps, another phenomenal release from the ASP.Net team. ASP.Net AJAX 4.0 Preview has been released to CodePlex: (and yes Mitch, i know it's just a preview, still think it's...
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AJAX Control Toolkit - CalendarExtender going postback?

Over the weekend I've been working on validation for a form i'm working on. The form is initially not that complex, yet it's proving to be a hassle. On the form (this is a sharepoint 2007 form btw), i have two calendarextender controls, both...
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New ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Release - ScottGu's Blog

One thing about Scott Guthrie's blog is that there's always GOOD news coming from him. I know that he writes his own blog and doesn't have an assistant or some other write it for him. I think Scott's blog was one of the first i ever subscribed...

Web Development Learning Series - by Frank Arrigo

it's absolutely brilliant! Microsoft has just released a new portal for Web Development. Microsoft Web Development Learning Series which caters seriously for, well you guessed it, web development. It addresses some rather curious topics, such as ASP.Net...

Free Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX Hands-On Labs, by Ken Cox

My RSS feeds into Outlook finally started working and i caught up with a lot of news that i've manually had to chase down previoiusly, due to the fact that i had to go through a proxy server and it didn't allow me to grab the feeds. Anyways - Scott Guthrie...
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ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Release Candidate

Well - finally the release candidate has been released for us puny mortals.. i'm out late with the announcement but as i say, better late than never... The date that the RC was uploaded was the 14th of December, 2006 and it can be found here . Enjoy!...
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