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Mon, Jul 1 2013 23:22 bradley

Petition for TechNet

I just signed the petition "Microsoft Corporation: Create an affordable MSDN subscription comparable to TechNet." on Change.org.

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013 9:23 PM by rpotter28

I enjoy your blog Susan, always have. I am not a full time SBS person, but I do administer a few and have appreciated the knowledge shared here. Your support of MS over the years has been admirable (much more than mine!) and your recent doubting of them has been even more admirable!! But you must, at least some times, feel you are kicking a dead horse here? MS just doens't give a *** what you or anyone else in the SBS Partners/Consultants/MVA think. They are going to the cloud and you/we are just dead wood standing in the way. What they never seem to worry about is competition and this time they have some. They should start to worry...

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Thursday, July 04, 2013 12:58 PM by Joe Raby

I think the problem here is not that they don't care about what people think about cloud computing in general, it's that they have this utopic view of Internet connection reliability and speed.  The reality is that in areas where high-speed is offered, speeds are getting better and better (although with the downside of having more restrictive bandwidth throttling, but that's another issue altogether), but there are a lot of areas that are left out of the loop.  Some areas may never see upgrades unless some major real estate developer can sweet-talk an ISP to run more cables.  

If it weren't for poor Internet connectivity, any smaller local IT provider could provide hosted cloud services for any small business near them.  Whether that be local cloud/self-serve services on co-lo or leased hardware, or just remote access to the IT providers office, it should just work, and shouldn't be of concern for regulatory issues.  You'd have all these pop-up hosted service providers offering private clouds.  That'd be great for the small business IT market!  But the fact that Internet isn't equal for everyone means that this just isn't working everywhere, and that's what Microsoft doesn't want to address.  They look at the scale of major city centers instead.  How many potential users are in city centers with reliable broadband Internet vs. small towns and residential suburbs?  This is the dilemma.

Maybe potential hosted cloud providers (i.e. "transitional" IT providers) should approach an ISP from the standpoint of the user.  Go to the ISP that is available in the general area, but not directly in your area, and say "hey, we're a cloud hosting provider, and our clients need to access our services faster than what is available to us.  Our clients need a fast connection too.  If we can get your support, **we will bring our clients to you**.  All we need is a connection to your service".  That's a far more attractive proposition than just saying "We need more speed cuz our Internet connection sucks".  If your client STILL doesn't want to go through the Internet (or can't), and doesn't want to pay as a CAPEX, then SPLA with on-site co-lo is still an option.

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Friday, July 05, 2013 6:42 PM by JayMon

Just signed the petition myself.  I've started to take a more senior role in my company recently, which means that I'm starting to deal less with desktop support and more with network/server/management/backup/storage/etc issues.  It's a huge jump, which requires more knowledge, training, and hands-on experience.  This was the first year that I bought a Technet account, and I was planning on continuing it for the forseeable future.

I need it for my home lab; a continuously evolving beast of personal projects, tutorials, and mad ideas.  Beyond that, I also need it for quick access to ISOs for client system.  

My job supporting their software doesn't end after a month to 6 months, why do they think that's enough time for me to work with it?