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Mon, Mar 28 2011 23:38 bradley

Essentials migration steps - adding a user the script way

Since I've been blogging on migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS essentials a new version of the document came out.


This one includes a script to add users to the console

To use a script to import users into the Dashboard

1.   On the Destination Server, open Notepad and copy the following text into it:

"Script to Import Active Directory Users to the SBS 2011 Essentials Dashboard"

import-module -name activedirectory

$users = get-aduser -filter *

foreach ($user in $users)


 If ($user.enabled -eq $True)


$imported = Select-String -path "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data \settingsproviderdata\IDENTITY\USERS\index.xml" -pattern $user.samaccountname


If ([boolean]$imported -eq $False)


$import = read-host "Do you want to import" $user.name "to the Dashboard [y]/[n]"


If ($import -eq "y")


write-host {Importing User} $user.name

import-wssuser -name $user.samaccountname | out-null

If( (get-wssuser -name $user.samaccountname).UserStatus -eq "Enabled")


write-host User Successfully Imported







2.   Save the file on the Destination Server in any folder with a name you choose (for example, C:\importusers.ps).

3.   Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator. For more information, see To open a Command Prompt window as an Administrator.

4.   Change directory to c:\program files\windows server\bin.

5.   Type wsspowershell.exe, and then press ENTER.

6.   Type <path><filename> for the script file you created (for example, C:\importusers.ps), and then press ENTER.

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