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Thu, Sep 23 2010 23:31 bradley

Consider allowing unique Office 2010 rights to SBSv7

If you are participating in the SBSv7 beta ... consider voting on this bug.

Consider allowing unique Office 2010 rights to SBSv7 | Microsoft Connect:

Okay so here's the proposal.  Please note Eric Ligman will probably have a heart attack and Attorneys will have nervous breakdowns.

You buy SBS v7 on volume license.  This gets you into the VL purchasing scheme.  You then buy ONE copy of Office 2010 VL.  This gives you the Office web apps key code/ability to install Office 2010 on top of SharePoint foundation that will give you the ability to have a web based Office wrapped inside of SharePoint.

At the present time, the only way you are allowed access to Office Web Apps is to have an Office license for every user using that Office web apps.  http://www.infoworld.com/d/developer-world/twists-and-turns-office-web-apps-software-license-895  Based on my understanding that means every user of Office Web apps on a SBSv7 would need a Office 2010 VL license as that's the only version that provides the Web apps right.

'For Office for Mac 2011 Standard, Office Professional Plus 2010 and Office Standard 2010:

Office Web Apps.  In addition to the rights above, you may install the Web App software on a network device. You may use the Web App software only as described below.


·         Primary User. The single primary user of the licensed device may access and use the software remotely from any device.

·         Non-primary Users. At any time, one user may access and use the software from the licensed device.'

So here's my bug and proposal.  Let's SBSize it.  Make the license such that as long as the SBSer purchased SBSv7 under a VL agreement and as long as they purchased ONE copy of Office 2010 standard under a VL agreement (which, remember, once the SBS gets you in the door of VL, you can purchase single licenses) than ANY  Office 2010 licence you have (Office Home and Business, Office OEM) would give you Primary user rights to that Office web app. 

This would be a sort of a hybrid licensing proposal and would reflect the realities of small business purchasing habits.  We don't buy Office via VL.  We buy it any way we can.  But you've given us the possibilities of Office Web Apps but not matched it up with the realities of small business.

Will this suggestion be taken up by Microsoft and made into reality?  Let's face it probably not.  But, this is one of those things, Microsoft needs to hear the realities of the marketplace.  Office under VL is just too expensive.

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# re: Consider allowing unique Office 2010 rights to SBSv7

Friday, September 24, 2010 7:13 AM by Eric Ligman

Now c'mon, Susan.  You don't really think I'd have a heart attack over this post, do you?  :-)  I will share your post with the Office Team though so that they can see the concern you raise.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,

Eric Ligman

# re: Consider allowing unique Office 2010 rights to SBSv7

Friday, September 24, 2010 8:34 AM by SeanPT

I would take it one step further, and so far quite a few people in the connect group agree. Treat office web apps like OWA -- just include it. You don't have to have an outlook license to use OWA, why require an office license for the rest of the office suite on "the web."

Plus, office web apps NOT tied to sharepoint are already "free" so why not extend it?

Google Apps do not come close to beating office apps, not even the web ones. But Google Apps are free. This is what the competition is.

Seriously, the right thing to do is just make office web apps part of SBS7. If anything let's start with that and if we have to do a give and take dance with microsoft I'll be ok if we land on your proposal vs what they are offering now.

# re: Consider allowing unique Office 2010 rights to SBSv7

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 8:37 PM by DVM

The SBS 7 brochure mention that it includes Office Web Apps as part of Sharepoint Foundation.  Doesn't mention anything regarding licensing requirements to have that capability.  So there is a chance of having OWA in SBS 7.