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Thu, Jul 31 2008 12:02 bradley

MSPMentor 250

Let's see if we recognize anyone on these lists:

MSPmentor 250 Managed Service Provider Experts, Part I | MSPmentor:

Stuart Crawford who just released a free pdf on dealing with change http://blog.itsuccessmentor.com/2008/07/connecting-the-dots-to-business-success.html

MSPmentor 250, Part II | MSPmentor:

The MSPmentor 250, Part II of Our Managed Services Expert List | MSPmentor:

Amy Luby and Matt Makowicz, Curtis Hicks

MSPmentor 250 Managed Service Provider Experts, Part IV | MSPmentor:

Karl Palachuk

MSPmentor 250 Managed Service Provider Center | MSPmentor:

Check it out


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# Ranked by Influence

Friday, September 19, 2008 5:52 PM by David, Business Technology Roundtable

It would be interesting to rank the people on the MSPmentor list by influence in the marketplace