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Tue, Apr 24 2007 22:04 bradley

Connectcomputer on steroids anyone?

Got this via the blog today and thought it was interesting..... 

Attention SBS admins, partners & integrators: would you like a simple way to migrate profiles from a local account to a new domain account?  Or, for that matter, take any profile on a disk, and with two clicks, assign it for any other user on your network (local or domain) to use? Introducing the IT Partners ProfileTool.ProfileTool lets you take a Windows 2000 or XP user's profile and assign it to a different user, without having to copy any files or perform any manual procedures.  It automates the somewhat arduous procedure of changing of permissions on the registry hive and files on the diskThis is a very common task for people who are taking a network of PCs that have not been on a domain, and joining them all to one; or if you replace a domain controller without keeping security information, which is sometimes done on sites upgrading from a badly installed SBS 2000 installation to a nicely installed SBS 2003 installation.It also has useful features for deleting a profile off the disk/from the registry, and changing profiles from roaming to local, replicating the features of the User Profiles capplet.ProfileTool is written in C# and uses the .NET 1.1 framework, which was selected as it is more likely to be on your users PCs than newer versions. It comes as a simple installer which installs the program locally to avoid CLR security exceptions. Source code is available under the Mozilla Public License, with the implication of "Do what you like with this code, but if you improve it, I'd love your changes to come back to me!".Download the program and/or the source here: http://www.itpartners.co.nz/profiletool/ This is only a BETA and should be treated as such - it has worked well for me in testing and I am looking for other people who would like a utility such as this to test it so I can fix any outstanding bugs and make a "1.0" release.  Standard "no warranty" applies - it might eat your data, but I'm pretty happy that it will only do that if you hit the "Eat my data" button.Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome - the contact address is on the ProfileTool information page.Craig


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 1:37 AM by Craig

Would you believe I wrote the entire thing without knowing about ConnectComputer?  I always do things the manual way ;-)

Not wasted however - ProfileTool lets you migrate profiles from an old domain, or profiles that are no longer connected to a user account...

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