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Mon, Apr 16 2007 23:42 bradley

So why take migitation action anyway?


So why patch if SBSers have a limited number of ports open anyway?

Well for one, I'm not smart enough to know if they can build this thing to poke at 1723 and 3389 (Keep in mind I don't keep 3389 open anyway).  Right now it looks like they are hitting 1025 once they get inside, but they've also coded up a virus payload to get in via my workstations/stupid users.

When it's a real quick registry add, a stop restart of the DNS server that does not force me to reboot the box and it protects, that's why.

Also it's not just a 'from remote' attack, they are building viruses to drop in behind my battle lines.

And my antivirus vendor, Trend isn't on the list of a/v vendors finding that one.

Tinfoil and paranoia.  :-)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 3:59 PM by Greg Nixon

I have written a little vb script to update the registry and stop and start the DNS service since I am lazy and have a few servers to do it to :)

If anyone wants it (at their own risk) they can download from