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Sun, Jan 29 2006 23:14 bradley

Apparently paper competes?

I was in Office Depot and it's like every paper stock sold there is now whiter or brigher...but whiter doesn't mean brighter... so make sure you have your terms right.  Apparently there is guildelines...or competitive grades of paper... and North American papers are different than European.  I mean I always knew that the American 8.5 x 11 wasn't quite the European A4 grade.

I guess, though technically the A4 size is the true international size and we're the ones who need to change our paper in the United States.  But then again, I distintly remember learning the metric system in school and they said we'd be driving kilometers by now....

...last I checked... we're still measuring stuff in miles....

Changing things is hard.  Just ask my office were we have to make sure that all our "old" white paper is saved and used for non important projects so we don't mess it up with the "new" white paper.

Who knew white doesn't match white any more?

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Monday, January 30, 2006 10:40 AM by Alun Jones

As an Englishman, I'm always tickled to find that the US is the only country in the world still using "Imperial" measures for everything.

"BTUs" - they're "British Thermal Units".

My favourite paper size, at least in concept, is Atlantic, which is exactly the right size to print in if you want your output to fit on either A4 or US Letter.

How many barleycorns are there in a chain, anyway?