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Sat, Jan 7 2006 21:09 bradley

So what tools do you use?

So a bit back I asked what tools that SBSers should have on hand and here are some answers...



Besides www.Eventid.net and www.Experts-Exchange.com and the others
mentioned by Susan I find having a Bart's PE Builder CD on hand with
recent antivirus and antispyware a real life saver.  See
http://nu2.nu/pebuilder/.  I also have on the CD GetDataBack and other
utilities from
http://www.runtime.org/.  The RunTime.org people have
even provided the plugins for Bart PE.  If you have ever lost a volume
on a drive due to disk failure, this utility will amaze you with the
data it can recover if the drive still spins.

From Peter

1. nslookup
2. telnet
3. eseutil
4. filemon
5. regmon
6. netmon
7. pokemon (cmon, all work and no play...)
8. netstat -aon | find ":portnumber"
9. tasklist /svc
10. adsiedit.msc <<-- always install the support tools
www.hotmail.com   <<-- testing external mailflow
13. recovery console
14. exmerge
15. treesize

Jim says...

Good start, but let's not forget:
- pathping (built-in)
- ldp (support tools & far better than adsiedit, IMHO)
- shutdown (resource kit)
- Duke Nukem (need you ask?)
- whois (resource kit)
- winsocktool (http://isatools.org/winsocktool.msi )
- portqry http://support.microsoft.com/?id=832919

- netsh -diag (built-in)
- netstat -anob (built-in)
- netdiag /fix (support tools

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Sunday, January 08, 2006 8:25 PM by Myron Johnson

ADModify.Net is a fantastic tool for bulk-modifying Active Directory and Exchange user attributes. If you've ever accidentally added 10,000 nonsense email addresses (it's REALLY easy to do if you put the wrong symbols in the Recipient Policies of Exchange), you can do mass deletes of these incorrect email addresses with a few mouseclicks. Otherwise, you write a script (and pray you don't make a mistake) or manually delete each of the 10,000 addresses.

ADModify is GUI-based, is found at:
More information from Microsoft's Exchange Team:

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Sunday, January 08, 2006 9:27 PM by John


Thanks for posting your results of a question I made earlier.

This post as been very helpful to me!

I found GetDataBack very interesting.

I wasn't aware of this tool. I needed it just a few weeks ago.

Thanks Again

MidSouth IT Group, Inc.
Nashville, TN.

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Monday, January 09, 2006 8:55 PM by Keith Templin

Susan, what is your choice of a news reader? Obviously you have been in the NGs quite a bit and keeping track of all to posts can get over whelining.

Also what NGs do you follow?

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