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Mon, Dec 26 2005 21:02 bradley

Yes it really does need activation

...so I'm calling product activation because I'm doing a migration from an old wheezy computer to my new HP here at home and I love it when I have to explain with first the Product Activation people and then with the Licesning number ( 888-352-7140 ) people that yes, SBS requires activation, and no I'm not calling about Windows XP.

...there are times that embracing the "spots" ... i.e. the differences of SBS are very rewarding ...as in the remote web workplace that we have that one one else has.... and then there are times when you have to point out to Microsoft employees themselves, that no, we're SBS... we're different...every version of SBS needs activation...yes, even if it's Action pack or MSDN or Volume license.... that the spots get just a smidge frustrating.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 5:28 PM by Matt (SBS Disciple)

I had to call and do the whole tap dance routine with my office 03 copy from MAPS.

I don't mind activating, but sometimes calling them is a pain, and its a ton of numbers to type. At least I can say MS is good about letting you use the product you pay for.

Norton burned me good with NAV 04 AND 05. They locked me out of using it on my laptop and the two times I called support I was on hold for 40+ mins and just gave up.