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Thu, Dec 1 2005 20:36 bradley

Ensuring those foundations are there

When you build a house in California, you pour a concrete slab and then build from there.  When you install a SBS 2003 system you install it on a server.  The foundation.  The slab.  And as long as your foundation is good and solid, you are good to go as well.

On my HP at the office is the HPSmartStart software that helps to make the SBS install easier and installs all the hardware monitoring software.  Yes, the HARDWARE monitoring software. It's checking the condition and status of the RAID array underneath.  So if I drop a drive it will let me know.  My older server has a lovely, so wonderful, screeching sound that the Adaptec card gives off when it drops a drive.

To me I consider hardware raid a normal part of a server install.  You just have a hardware based raid period for a good solid foundation for your network. 

People in the newsgroup have seen us post about SBS 2003 sp1 and they say “gee I depend on this server so I don't want to break it”.  Well, if you depend on it, ensure two things.

  1. Good solid server hardware and that includes RAID, and that preferably includes monitoring software that alerts you to issues
  2. A good backup, a drive image, something.  Les is raving about Paragon Drive image these days saying that it's worth every penny of the Server price tag [and when “Les is more“ says something is good, he doesn't give that recommendation lightly.  Remember that while the AD guys go pale when we drive image our DC's, because we are a single DC we can get away with it.

So folks... get those foundations in place and you won't worry abou the server breaking.  You'll know proactively when things occur, and you'll have a disaster recovery plan in place should something occur.

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