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Wed, Nov 30 2005 11:59 bradley

Only 6

I was at yesterday's TS2 presentation and only 6 people in attendance were using WSUS.  Remember SBS 2003 in the R2 era will have WSUS inside the box.

Now I will still honestly tell you I vastly prefer Shavlik's push, patch, done versus WSUS's setup, tinker, approve, review reports....but gang... you need to download WSUS on your own systems and start playing with it now. 

To me WSUS isn't just a patching program, this is risk management for that firm.  And if you are not helping that firm deploy patches, service packs...why not?\

Want to stay safe and secure?  You patch.  To me it's just a natural part of the computing process.  And as long as I've built in the processes to ensure I have a easy way to recover on the rare remote chance something might occur, patching is not an issue.

Today in the newsgroup someone said “I have an old backup”...I'm sorry but with USB harddrives as cheap as they are, given that you can hang one off a shared drive off a workstation, you have NO excuse not to have a backup.  As easy as the SBS wizard is.....shame on you for not doing what you can to protect your business.  You have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your employees families this Christmas time to keep your business operational.

Patching and Backups.  Two EASY ways to keep yourself in business.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 1:43 PM by bradley

as much chatter in the newsgroups and podcats it floors me that people still are not getting the backup message.

People only realize the importance of one when it's too late.

With SBS backups are easy, and USB Hard Drives are cheap.... it shouldn't even take a second thought.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 2:54 PM by bradley

still sad that we have to continually patch... how much more does this add to the cost of the product..?

we pay MS for the OS and then we pay the techs to constantly spend time loading patches for something that should have been coded right before we paid for it. What is the added cost of time for patching...? Shouldn't someone send Bill an invoice for the time spent patching something he sold that was broken.?

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Thursday, December 01, 2005 4:17 PM by bradley

Working as a technical support analyst, I can tell you that backup is the pinnacle of all evils for any of my customers, and they usually NEVER know if they have a good one until it's too late.

It doesn' t matter if it's a hard drive crash, power spike that takes out the server, or the "Ooops, did *I* delete that" situation. It's never known until they're staring it in it's ugly, warted, laughing face.

And then, even THEN, some of them still don't get it.

Susan makes a good point that external USB hard drives are great, but what's even better is offsite, Internet-based backup. Pay a little every month, and let the server backup itself up. LiveVault is one vendor, and there are others. Even Veritas\Symantec got the hint and integrated realtime disk-based backup in BE 10d.

It's not that difficult!

I'd love to become a traveling evalgelist for backups, but I have a living to make, helping those that forgot that servers are not immune to lightning strikes, overzealous users, and, oh yeah, sheer dumb luck.