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Wed, Apr 27 2005 23:13 bradley

Another patch email that I signed up for

I've signed up for Microsoft's security patch emails, but there's another category of patch emails that I haven't signed up for until now.  My hardware patch notifications. Out on the HP site [and look if Dell has a similar offering], there is a place to sign up for driver update notifications for my model of server.

Receive proactive customized emails on an as available, weekly, or monthly basis that provides drivers, software patches, product change notifications, customer advisories, softpaqs, patches, security bulletins, and more across 95% of HP’s business product lines. Each HP Technology at Work alert email provides a short description of each personalized alert and then links you to the location where you obtain the latest support information for your HP products

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Thursday, April 28, 2005 5:30 PM by bradley