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Fri, Apr 22 2005 0:04 bradley

Getting IT

We were discussing the other day the perfect firm for SBS.  It isn't any one type or industry, rather it was the type of Boss.  The first that installs and embraces SBS [or any network actually] has to 'get IT'.  Meaning that they see the value in investing in their firm's technology as a way to grow the business.  I met with a client today and a post in the newsgroup asking about upgrading went hand in hand.  The newsgroup poster was asking about upgrading to SBS 2003 and whether or not it was worth it.  He said 'the current Windows 2000 exceeded their needs'.  The client had a Windows 98 and I was unable to plug in a USB thumbdrive without search for Win98 drivers which I didn't have.

But I'm not sure I would agree with that statement that the OS exceeded the clients needs... certainly not without sitting down and talking with the client.  They might want more out of their current system.  I would argue the killer apps of SBS 2003 have to be seen before you can say “the current OS exceeds their needs“.

Next is the whole security issue....I may not agree with Dave Aitel's disclosure policies but I do agree with one statement he makes:

Securing software is actually quite easy. Both Open Source and Microsoft compilers have special flags to protect software from common vulnerabilities. There have been dramatic changes in the security of recent operating systems. These days, there's no excuse for anyone to run Windows 2000 on a network and then complain about it getting hacked. Upgrade to Windows 2003 SP1 or XP SP2 or any modern Linux and your problems just go away.


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