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AJAX Controls and ClientIDMode
The new ClientIDMode property is a new .NET 4.0 features that allows a developer to take control over the ClientID property. In .NET 3.5 and earlier, the ClientID property renders in the ID HTML attribute for all controls. The system generated ID would...
Posted: Tue, Nov 16 2010 20:22 by bmains | with no comments
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AJAX Updates from the Client using Telerik
The issue with the UpdatePanel control is that it's not possible to invoke an AJAX request from client-side JavaScript. Though possible to refresh the UI from client-side JavaScript using various means, the UpdatePanel control itself doesn't invoke...
Posted: Tue, Nov 16 2010 19:46 by bmains | with no comments
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You have control over the description process in MS ASP.NET AJAX
If you've built your own custom MS ASP.NET AJAX controls or extenders, you are familiar with the description process, where a control specifies the values that it wants to send at the creation of the client-side AJAX component (consider these values...
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