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Back in April 2006, I blogged about a nasty JIT compiler optimisation that would cause String.IsNullOrEmpty to throw a null reference exception;  ironic really given that is the very thing you’d use the IsNullOrEmpty method to check against. ...
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Snippet Editor 2.1 is now released on codeplex:   Apart from the few minor bug fixes, it includes improved search and now support for Visual Studio 2010 as well as 2008 and 2005. I’ve also added a “buy me a beer...
I’ve just finished uploading the Snippet Editor to CodePlex It includes some minor bug fixes from the previous release. Enjoy :) And Merry XMas :)
When Visual Studio 2008 SP1 was released it didn’t have the source code for the framework like the original version of 2008 had. Well now it has !!  Actually it was released almost two weeks ago .
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It's bad enough when the Windows Live team continually releases their SDKs omitting VB, but when XNA 3.0 CTP is released and STILL NO VB support, it's getting beyond a joke. XNA 3 is for Visual Studio 2008 and lets you do cool things like create...
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After my post about the first set of insults from the Windows Live team and the Search API samples, it was nice to see some VB samples released. Sadly though they were just the C# samples run through an automated tool. I mean look at this bullshit code...