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I’ve had my HTC Mozart for about 6 months now, so I thought I’d give an update of my thoughts about it and Windows Phone 7. The first set of WP7 updates were really slow to roll-out here in Australia to Telstra: Telstra was the 2nd last mobile operator...
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In the emulator in the tools SDK that is   Still waiting on the actual phone update, but for developers the tools update is now available from:
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As much as I like Windows Phone 7, there’s some really key areas that are missing. The following is my xmas wish list : 1.  Give me my compass back. When I bought my HTC Mozart, I did so with the understanding it had a gps and compass.  On the...
Wow, seems Windows Phone 7 supports COM inside !  Chris Walsh has been doing some “investigating” into the inners of Windows Phone 7 .  Interesting, but also totally not usable in any production application.
If you’re like me and like to open reflector from the Visual Studio Tools menu, you’ll probably have noticed that you need to have a different configuration (or list) of assemblies when developing with Windows Phone 7. To make it simple to...