The Apple Spin . . .

Posted Sat, Jul 17 2010 13:07 by bill

There’s just so much wrong with Apple’s current iPhone spin; it really spells out a much bigger problem.

First, as you all probably know, Apple first denied and tried to belittle customers problems with the iPhone’s antenna design.  Today they continued this approach saying other phones suffered “similar” problems.  That of course is bullsh*t.  The iPhone has an EXPOSED antenna, an the problem is not just interference, but one of conductivity and capacitance.  This has been established by the work arounds presented. In fact the bumper cases do just that: they don’t stop the interference of the body, they stop the conductivity and capacitance. 

Second, Apple reports only 0.55% complained to warranty, yet 2% returned the device.  What the #### ????  Four times as many people returned the device than those who complained ?  The only thing this tells us is Apple’s warranty dealings must be like it was widely reported: condescending and in denial of the problem.  People don’t return things without a reason, without a complaint.  That Apple’s warranty department doesn’t even count the returns is again sign of the disrespect they are treating customers with.


So Apple’s story here is clearly bullsh*t for anyone with any idea about electro-magnetism and conductivity and/or customer service.  There’s a lot of good things about apple and a lot of bad things. Personally, I’ve never liked their lock-in marketing model; but one thing they have achieved is in presenting things elegantly and simply.  That simplicity is what makes Apple devices so easy for young and old to use. It’s a real pity when they take that one step to far and treat their customers as simple.


Apple’s news conference on iPhone today: BIG THUMBS DOWN !!

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