Solid State Drives

Posted Fri, Apr 16 2010 11:35 by bill

If you are looking to improve the performance of your PC, Solid State Drives (SSD’s), although still costly provide fantastic performance gains for the price.  Last month I put in a Corsair V128GB2 and the performance difference on my aging Quad Core Q6600 system is HUGE !!

Most notable are the gains in boot time and application loading times. VM’s also seem less sluggish. It’s also silent and low power usage and low heat dissipation. (carbon credits there ?)

The overall gain in performance I would liken to the experience we use to get upgrading to a new processor after a year or two.

Definitely  a great investment. And the good thing is you can take the SSD with you to your next system (which is my plan once I’ve sorted out that LGA 1366 stuff)

Anyway, if you are looking at sprucing up your system, or making a nice clean one for Visual Studio 2010 (now released on MSDN) and the soon to be released Office 2010 (mmm… 64 bit Excel and Access !!), go for a SDD.

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# re: Solid State Drives

Sunday, April 18, 2010 8:42 AM by Jeff Certain


The biggest gains I found are around build times for large projects. We have a solution with ~100 projects in it (~1M compiled LoC). It used to take an unbearably long time (10 minutes, perhaps) but the SSD cut that down to 3 minutes. I'd certainly recommend throwing a SSD into any CI build server that might be being stood up!