The floppy: It’s back …….

Posted Wed, Apr 1 2009 11:56 by bill

In breaking news today Microsoft announced it will be releasing Windows 7 and Office 2010 on floppy disk ! 

Microsoft said it heard complaints from customers that their old floppy drives were made obsolete because Microsoft didn’t release software on floppy disks.  They also heard complaints that people felt detached from the software installation process.  An alledged Microsoft spokesperson was said to have said “Bringing back the floppy disk means people will feel more involved, getting to change the disks as quick as the data can be read”.

A leak form their product survey test data showed that one set of customers loved the 150 disk set for Windows 7. They loved that getting something substantially huge and heavy for their money.  Interestingly enough many of these people owned SUV’s or Hummers.  Another spokesperson said they hope to capture the excessive consumption market.

A secret pilot program was run which had customers install an early beta of windows 7 using 142 floppy disks. Results were mixed with some people not being able to install due to a bad image format or read failure on the second last disk.  Microsoft said this was a problem with their quality control as they only tested the first 3 disks and the last disk in each set. Microsoft has apparently already fixed this problem and in the future they will also test the second last disk.

Rumour has it Apple plans to go one better and bring out a retro model, which has not one floppy disc drive but two !  An unnamed apple fanatic said the plan is to give you that same interaction with the installation, but make it quicker by allowing you to have the next floppy in the other drive.  Plans also include making the disks all white, not just on the outside but as a bold fashion statement also on the inside. A leaked prototype showed some rounded corners as well, but currently only works with apple’s own drives.

Microsoft is already planning to launch an advertising campaign showing how the Mac double floppy drive system costs more then twice as much. At the same time Microsoft is working with other hardware vendors to develop the auto floppy disk changer.

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