In the garden: March 2009

Posted Mon, Mar 30 2009 15:43 by bill

It’s been a very strange season this year. A cold start, then some massive heat waves. autumn is shaping up to feel normal, and also lovely weather.

The hot spells brought some veggies season to an early end: in particular beans and peas. But the good news is I got plenty of seed from them:

That’s beetroot seed, garlic cloves, broad beans, carrot seed, bush beans and mixed snow pea seeds.  I need not worry about the seed viability as many of them have self sown with nice crops of beans, broad beans, slenderette beans and carrots on the way.  This adds to the wild lots of potatoes, silver beet, lettuce, beetroot and parsley.

The garden is remaining very self productive :)

Tomatoes are in main season now:

as well as the cherry tomatoes:

and Tom Thumb tomatoes:


And what would tomatoes bee without lots of basil :

I’m leaving a lot of the basil to go to seed this year as well. The bees are busy pollinating them at present. (see how many bees you can see in this photo :) )

And there’s cucumbers (almost finished for the year) and lots of sweet corn.  I kept the early crop for seed as it was an older open pollinated variety with a rich flavour (like corn use to have) instead of these sweeter hybrids that are common these days.  The zucchini as slowing down. The capsicums are just starting… only had three or four so far.

The pumpkins have gone crazy and are not only taking over half the veggie patch they are also climbing the fence and escaped onto the lawn. I grew some heirloom varieties this year along with the queesland blue that sprouted in the compost.  I’m not sure what the name of this one is, but despite the strange outer appearance it’s a nice eating pumpkin:



Elsewhere in the orchard it’s the end of the apples and the beginning of the pears. Chestnuts still a month or more away.  The apples and pears make lovely desert :)

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# re: In the garden: March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 12:12 PM by Julie

that pumpkin looks like you crossed it with corn on the cob. I htink you need to have a naming contest (even if a real one already exists).

# re: In the garden: March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 7:32 PM by bill

I think I'd call it a rumplelumpskin, but it probably really is a marina di chioggia ;)