Centaurium sp.

Posted Tue, Jan 27 2009 14:28 by bill

That pink flowered weed I posted yesterday is likely to be a member of the Centaurium genus.


I’m guessing at Centaurium pulchellum. (Century).

“pulchellum” coming from the Latin word pulchellus meaning beautiful

Centarium is said to be from Greek mythology:

The lore associated with centaury is that it was used by the famous centaur, Chiron, to heal himself from an arrow laced with the poison of the hydra. Chiron is notable to herbalists as he was known in Greek mythology for his knowledge of herbs. The genus was even referred to as Chironia.

In medieval times it was mixed into incense to increase psychic awareness and altered states of consciousness. It was also burned on its own and the smoke was said to repel snakes from an area.

Excerpt from : http://www.bastyr.edu/academic/botmed/centaurium_erythraea.asp


Still a weed of course ;)

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