In the Garden: Jan 2009

Posted Mon, Jan 5 2009 12:08 by bill

T’is the month of snow-peas !!  :)



The different varieties have different colour flowers (much like last month’s potatoes :)

Not sure which is which, but I think that deep pink one is “Mammoth”.  At least judging by the size of the snow peas it has  :


Most never make it inside, so nice to eat them straight away !

And the sugar snaps are providing plenty of pods now too:



The sugar snaps were all sown from seed I harvested last season.  Lots of plants, and lots more seed still in stock.  Where I planted them between the potatoes has worked really well. As the potatoes are dying back, the peas are popping through with plenty to harvest :


The zucchini have got their first baby fruit on them :


And the pumpkin  also have their first flowers :


These pumpkin were “wild” ones that survived my compost bin. They sprouted around the orange trees I planted, so I transplanted them to the veggie patch. They’re doing way better than any I actually tried to sow !!


And I had my first cherry tomato the other day.  December has been mild, but soon… soon :

and with promises of more :

The main season tomatoes are still very young :


Bush beans are lovely and tender crisp at present. These were hit hard by slugs when young, but a couple of nights of slug squashing saw them through :


My sweet corn that also got hit really hard by slugs is now recovering:


I planted a second lot of sweet corn, just in case the first didn’t recover:

That’s climbing beans growing inside the corn rows.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out.  I’m hoping the beans won’t  be too vigorous for the corn.


And the strawberries are in flower too.  The birds or something is beating me to most of them, so I might need to get the nets out.


The weather: December was mild and with a couple of good rains.  That’s slowed the garden down a lot, but that’s a small price to pay for the rains :)  As I write this the weather is about 25 C, which would normally be considered mild for this time of year, but given the really mild conditions it feels kind of hot.

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