Google kicks Microsoft's a**

Posted Wed, Apr 2 2008 6:36 by bill

Well April first pranks have come and gone.  Google, the fun company, had lots of hilarious April 1st pages and sub sites on their web: Virgle colony to Mars, Moon base work centre, new google anytime scheduling; all really well done :)

Microsoft on the other hand seemed relatively sedate.  I can imagine the company line email that must have gone around saying no outward facing pranks or similar.  Still there was a kind of funny video on Channel 9 that added beeps over what people said, one blogger attempted a Windows 9 joke, and Chuck posted some really awful VB code that did ReDim Preserve inside a loop etc but then he killed the blog post :(

About the only half decent prank MS did was the OOXML Appears to Win post. ;)

Has all the fun gone out of Microsoft and been replaced with "corporate responsibility" ?

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