VB6 support till 2018 ?

Posted Wed, Feb 6 2008 14:29 by bill

As you probably know Windows Server 2008 has been released.  I set up a virtual machine for the 64 bit Win 2008 with VMWare (Virtual PC doesn't support 64 bit) and was happily surprised to see I could just drag a VB6 application into the VM and it ran :)

So the good news is the Vb6 runtime ships as part of Windows 2008 and hence gets 5 year main stream support followed by 5 years extended support !!  That's up to 2018 !!

Now given this extended support, why is it MS doesn't update the VB6 editor and also provide a 64 bit runtime ?

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Thursday, February 07, 2008 8:04 PM by K. Provance

You know, that's a damned good question.  Why doesn't MS updated the VB6 IDE.  Can you imagine how many devs they would make happy and get back after the whole .NET debacle?

I'll tell you why:  MS wants to phase out 3rd party devs so they can do everything themselves with the "rent an app" model.


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