Is Vista more secure ?

Posted Tue, Nov 20 2007 3:04 by bill

Kathleen talks about security being Vistas biggest asset.... for me, a power user who use to run XP in limited access mode, using run as admin scripts, it isn't really anymore secure. In fact, I now find it harder to find a good software firewall that shows me what's happening and allows me to easily change things.  But for me, the biggest problem with Vista is I simply don't trust it.  The reason for this is the shell is explorer right ?  Yet explorer in vista is extremely buggy.  Even though I have it set not to remember any folder views, it seems to randomly decide to change views as I browse from folder to folder. Then recently I had it no longer allow me to select any more than one file at a time !  To fix that I had to browse the online forums to find that I should try deleting mru bags or similar in the registry and also try resetting all views.

So am I really meant to feel that the software is secure when explorer itself is so incredibly buggy ?  After all these years they still can't even write a reliable file explorer !  Given the short comings of such a major and central piece of software, it's hard for me to really believe that any of the rest is more secure.  Like if you bought a new car that supposedly had improved safety features, yet the dash was rattling apart, would you really feel more safe in it ?  With Vista I don't.

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