Update on Snippet Editor

Posted Tue, Nov 13 2007 13:45 by bill

I've finally given the Snippet Editor a major make over including a new look. 

To go with this, I've given it a new home on my web site:


And I've added a Snippets category to this blog for feedback, info etc.  I'll update the web page with new releases if/when they occur including a change history.


Enjoy  :)


P.S.  I'd love to get feedback on the new UI, especially the "About" screen ;)

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# re: Update on Snippet Editor

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 8:35 AM by Kathleen


I love it, but I can’t wait until you get it fixed to run more gracefully in Vista. I don’t want it to ask for admin privileges until you actually need them to write to the program files directory. I don’t like having to run the whole app as admin.

# re: Update on Snippet Editor

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:14 PM by bill

In the upcoming weeks, once Visual Studio 2008 RTM has been released, I will be doing further testing and at this stage plan to have the editor only prompt you for elevated permissions the first time you go to save a snippet that is in the Program Files sub tree.  The reason the current build demands elevated privileges is because by default, Visual Studio installs the snippets in the Program Files sub tree, which means you need Administrator privileges to edit them. Admittedly you can get around that by changing the permissions on the folders, or moving your snippets to a folder where the user has read/write permissions, but for the most part, today the out of the box experience is you need administrator privileges.  Hence the current elevated permissions prompt.

Why Visual Studio sets up the user's collections in the Program Files sub tree is another question you'll have to ask the VB team.  They do the same with templates, again requiring admin privileges to edit them.