has the MVP program lost it's meaning ?

Posted Sun, Apr 8 2007 14:13 by bill
I was just catching up on some blog reading and I was really amazed to see some of the public discussions of the private NDA covered discussions people had at the MVP summit.  I was reading one comment about how an MVP felt ashamed to be a MVP or some nonsense because he didn't share the opinion of another MVP… no not me, but I was there and know exactly what was being referred to.
The thing that really annoys me about that is
(a) blog readers will never hear the full story because the meeting is supposed to be under NDA
(b) it fails to recognise that the MVP program is a **diverse** set of individuals
(c) the person dragging this into the public has failed to use the other avenues open to them to discuss this, so as there can be growth or understanding etc
(d) it's a breach of trust
Now I've just taken one example, but there's plenty more.  MVPs gathered to have technical discussions, on what are often sensitive issues.  We did so under NDA.  Yet a handful think that obviously doesn’t apply to them because they want to publicly cast bad assertions about other MVPs.
Sadly, this isn't the first time I've seen this, but it does it always seems, to coincide with the "opening" up of the MVP program to new folk or other people form the community.
Sometimes I think they just don't get it.  Imagine if at work every time you discussed something, supposedly within the group, and you then had someone go and start saying bad things about the team publicly because one person had a different point of view.
Anyway, me, I love to hear what others have to say.  the more passionate they are about something, then perhaps the more we should listen.. make that time.  I know my own ideas take greater shape when I listen to what others say.  Doesn't mean I have to agree with them, but the knowledge of, and perception of the different view points is, IMO, what builds great solutions.
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# re: has the MVP program lost it's meaning ?

Sunday, April 08, 2007 12:24 AM by Susan

I'm not sure that it's lost it's meaning as much as people have no concept of the boundary between NDA and blogging.

When someone says in a meeting to me "no blogging" ..to be it's like "no sht_t, you didn't have to tell me".  There is a definite lack of respect for closed door meetings.

But yes, we can agree to disagree and that agreement of disagreement can bring to light varying viewpoints.