Getting the VB LINQ samples working for March CTP

Posted Fri, Mar 30 2007 0:01 by bill
The VB LINQ samples are in the March CTP MSND documentation… just look for "LINQ samples" in the index.  Copy the files to somewhere you can get to them, and remove the read-only attribute from them.
Next open the solution and let the conversion wizard run. 
After it has finished open the project properties Compile tab and ensure Option Infer is ON. 
Finally change the connection string for the database by opening the DLinqSamples.vb file and replacing the :
    "';Integrated Security=SSPI;enlist=false"
    "';user instance=true"
that should get the samples up and running. I also change the application to a Windows Application instead of a console one, and try turning on Option Strict and Option Explicit ;)
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# re: Getting the VB LINQ samples working for March CTP

Monday, April 02, 2007 4:34 AM by Igor


Can you please post vb linq samples for download. I don't have vpc and pre-release of msdn.

Thank you

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Monday, April 02, 2007 3:08 PM by Barry Gervin's Software Architecture Perspectives

On Saturday on March 31, 2007 I did a couple of talks at the Toronto Code Camp. The first an overview