Tooling up for .NET 3.0

Posted Thu, Nov 9 2006 12:58 by bill
With the release of .NET 3.0, I decided to clean up my machine a little and install the latest bits.  The first step was uninstalling all the beta and CTP bits I had on there including the Orcas bits, the previous WPF, WCF and WF bits, the previous windows SDK and associated installs. 
Next I tested Visual Studio 2005 before I preceded….    WHOOPS !!  It was broken.  I presumed the problem was some of the other CTP bits, most likely the LINQ bits, rolled it back into a state that was pre the SP1 beta bits.  So I had two choices, either go for a clean install, or try to re-install the SP1 bits.  I went with re-installing the SP1 bits and all went well.

I downloaded the .NET 3.0 runtime, and the entire Windows SDK ISO image, and the WPF and WCF designer CTP bits, and the WF extensions.
Installed all of it and all is good except there's no context help from the WPF designer.  Maybe I got the help integration messed up yet again.

All is good. :)
My advice is if you have beta bits installed, uninstall them, then check to see if VS is working properly before installing the new bits…. well, worked for me anyway :) 
Oh, and nero had trouble with the iso image but I renamed it to a shorter name winSDK.iso and it worked fine.
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