Of bikes and snakes

Posted Tue, Nov 7 2006 8:53 by bill
Today is the first anniversary of my buying my bicycle. I rode a bit over 2150 km this last year, that's 40 km a week or more which I'm pretty happy with considering I didn't ride much at all over winter ;) So for my birthday this year I bought myself new tyres and brakes. With the tyres I ended up getting bigger tyres, 2.2's instead of the old 1.95's, but they are semi slicks with a radial pattern on the side walls and very rounded. So I'm actually between 5 and 10% faster on them ! And the roundness of them makes them reasonably good when I do hit sand :)
With the brakes I bought a set of pads (V-brakes) for $10 for the 4, and was appropriately disappointed with them, so a 100km later (a week) I looked for better pads. I decided to try a multi pad, that's got white, grey and black pads in it. Nice !! They stop really well. And just to put them to the test as I rode down a red scoria hill on Sunday, a 3 foot tiger snake decided to slowly cross the track.. the brakes stopped me nicely :) I waited as the snake, seemingly oblivious to me, continued on it's way.

These fancier brake pads were about $40 for the set of four, but well worth it. I think they've already paid for themselves ;)
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