Burning bale champions

Posted Tue, Nov 7 2006 9:06 by bill
At the local hicksville Colac (what did Chuckcall it ?) agricultural show in the weekend we had the usual burning bale competition.  One of the other brigades was short a couple of crew, so we teamed up with them, two of us from my brigade (myself included) and two form their's.  The rules were different this year, requiring us to jump on the truck, drive to the fire, dismount, start the pump, put out the fire, store all equipment, jump back on the truck and drive over the finishing line.   (yes images of keystone cops kind of shenanigans comes to mind ;) )
We came in 5 seconds faster than our nearest competitor , and set a new course record !! (well that's because it was the first time this modified course was run <g>)  We were also the only team that wasn't disqualified !!!!
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