Calibri font - more than just the new default.

Posted Thu, Sep 7 2006 1:35 by bill
about two months ago there was a little news story about Calibri becoming the new default font for Word 2007.  No doubt most people gave it little thought, nor did I till today.
Today I noticed blog post after blog post from various M-softies, all using what appeared to be a damn ugly hard to read font.  At first I thought it was the style sheets over at MSDN blogs had changed, but no, this appears to be hard coded on the font in their posts.  Perhaps they are using word 2007, or that other new blogging tool, but whatever it is, it SUCKS.
Why does it suck you ask ? Well try reading this post with font smoothing and/or clear type turned off.  See how damn ugly it is, how hard it is to read. 
Yes I am one of the few (many?) who doesn't like clear type font smoothing. In fact I find it glary, and fonts look kind of fuzzy.  But each to their own, or so it should be.  But when MS decides the fonts they use as default require font smoothing, what they are really saying their default is you need to have font smoothing turned on.  That sucks.  They could have easily chosen Verdana or other sans serif style fonts that don't require clear type.
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# more on Calibri font ..

Thursday, October 05, 2006 7:05 AM by @ Head

Thanks to some checking with other folks with similar hardware, it appears the issues I've been seeing