5536 - Big thumbs down :(

Posted Thu, Aug 31 2006 13:53 by bill
I was so looking forward to trying Vista on my Toshiba M200.  Unfortunately, despite all attempts it wouldn't upgrade.
Problems I encountered were not enough room on my system partition.  It's only 2GB and designed for booting/loading various OS's. Annoying, but I was able to clear enough space on there.
Next install complained about a lot of toshiba applications not being supported in Vista.  And I do mean a LOT.  This bit really sucks, and somehow I doubt Toshiba will be releasing new apps there for M200's.. maybe, but not in any rush if they do ;)  So at best I was probably looking at reduced functionality. Still I forged forward wanting to try it out :)
The machine reboots after 10 minutes or more, and then fails at startup. hit enter it tries to restart and fails… endless loop.  So I do an  F8, and happily can get back to my old XP boot.  But the whole boot files have been changed, and when I try to clean up I inadvertently deleted a directory that was need for booting, so on next boot, boot fails :'(
Finally I booted up to my SD card, and ran the first part of an XP install to add the system files back to the root disc.
Very disappointing that setup failed, that cleaning up was so difficult (no DOS type restore command), and really disappointed at the large list of apps that were unsupported in Vista.
I will try again next time, but at this stage the likelihood of me *upgrading* to Vista for existing hardware seems very unlikely.
Oh, and on top of that, search as I could, there just seemed no way to actually provide feedback. maybe I need to actually get it installed and run IE7 to do that ?  I'm not sure, but seems like a good way of hearing from the wrong group ;)
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