How smart is google ?

Posted Fri, Aug 11 2006 14:42 by bill
A while ago, my old friend Patrick Meader (who must never read my blog) **complained** to me that I needed to fill in my About page on this blog as it is almost impossible to tell who's blog this is.  The title of the blog just says "@Head : Bill's random thoughts".   
Then today, I saw Frank's post about how do you find people's blogs, and I decided to type my name into google and see what it finds.
If I search for "Bill McCarthy", I'm the second hit.  If I search for "Bill McCarthy" +blog , I'm the first hit !!  How cool is that given that my name is never listed on my blog !!  That's some seriously cool cross referencing google is doing… it's kind of scary, almost human….  it's as if ……
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# re: How smart is google ?

Friday, August 11, 2006 12:42 AM by FRANK ARRIGO

did you try gnoos ??

first hit too

and it includes this post of yours

dont give google too much credit