TechEd session picker war - day 3

Posted Sun, Aug 6 2006 15:00 by bill
In a desperate attempt to get the basic functionality working, Paul "someone please help me" Stovell has called on outside help.
(1) Philip Beadle describes how to get it working on the latest CTP, and warns people that the added entries don't display. LOL. Seems Paul is using outdated technology already, and when it come to the real thing it just doesn't work ;)
(2) Paul then gets help from Chris Burrows to get fix his export to outlook "feature". So now Paul "zoned out" Stovell's export to outlook *almost* works. This his third take at it, actually imports into Outlook 2003, but has the times completely wrong. Here's a hint: there are not sessions **listed** for 1AM :P
If that wasn't bad enough, he still hasn't got the hint about a session having multiple speakers !! that's what happens when you write your object model by hand instead of using tools like xsd.exe :D
Okay, if that wasn't laughable enough, look at this:
versus this:
Yes, two message box approaches for indicating whether or not the calendar was successfully exported.  yes the first message box example is from Paul's showcase of WPF technology !!  Modal, boring, intrusive…. so yesteryear.  The second example is from my **QUALITY** windows.forms application, showing use of gradient fills, transparency, animation, while being non intrusive, and based on modern UI models :)
Okay, so the human toll is just getting too high.  People forced to click on stupid "OK" buttons by Paul's axis of evil. 
<news flash>
An internal source has alluded that Paul's evil empire is now planning on bringing out a pay per use application that fixes the wrong calendar entries his so called "free" version strews though-out your outlook calendar.
</news flash>
And why is that Paul "spyware" Stovell's application needs to "call home" each time you run it ?  What personal details is it collecting ?  Surely there is a reason his application doesn’t allow you to work offline ???
This war needs to end.    In fact it must end, because as it stands, with Paul's terrible outlook code, incorrect object model, and *MODAL DIALOG BOXES", it's clear his app is no real competition.  At this rate I'll be soon facing anti-trust court cases, as there is NO real competition to my app. 
So will people please help Paul fix his app ???  Please !!
To that end, I will extend an olive branch to Paul, and help him fix his object model.  Here goes:
- Paul, try using tools to create your object model.  A session can have multiple speakers.
(geez it's not rocket surgery)
Oh, on a more serious note, Pual's use of WPF is worth looking at, as it shows some of the cool things that you can do easily in WPF in regard to the binding of columns and items in columns.  (just don't use it to export to outlook)
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Sunday, August 06, 2006 3:03 AM by Geoff Appleby

Heh - you *** :)

I see no mention of what happens when _your_ app is run on vista, hmm?

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