The big dry

Posted Sat, Aug 5 2006 1:45 by bill
We've had below average rainfall for a few years now, and this coming year looks to be one of even more extremes.  Last weekend I had the tractor out, clearing some fire breaks, and all the gullies were dry.  In a wet year the gullies are normally water logged, with water often flowing over the surface even.  This winter the ground is firm and dry !   
On top of that, some of the plumcots (cross between plums and apricots) are starting to bloom.  It's technically the middle of winter but it feels so much like an early spring.   The temps haven't been that much warmer, but they have felt warmer, as we haven't had that wind chill that normally comes with the wet air from the southern ocean.
I can't help but think of the physics and chemistry lessons involving entropy.
Anyway, just wanted to make a note of the strange weather :)
Oh, and this year I've only planted a few trees so far.  Transplanted a pine tree that was growing under one of the chestnuts, and planted a handful of narrow leave peppermints (Eucalyptus radiata) I've been growing.  Will probably plant another 30 or so of the Euc.radiata this year.  Not as many as last year or the year before, but we'll see what next year brings :)  
The Euc.radiata seem to have grown on well. I propagated them from seedlings that grew in a sand pile placed under a tree :)  Seems a very effective easy way to do it, and this year I might try placing trays of sand under a few more trees to see what seeds naturally sprout.
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