The TechEd browser wars

Posted Sat, Aug 5 2006 1:03 by bill
So Paul has thrown down the glove and declared war over the TechEd browsers ;)    I can see he has started the FUD wars even !!  For the record, my app, does have mouse over glow effects on the buttons :P  And as for the so called bug in the maps that directs you to the ladies toilets, that sir is "by design", not a bug.  We actually guestimate how drunk you are based on your mouse response times… the drunker we think you are, the most likely you are to be given the directions to the lav's . (dam forgot to patent that one)
Saddly we can see the war has already got nasty.  Paul has set up his app such that no-one sees my name listed for my session !!!  (wow, are the lawyers going to have a field day with that one or what ?? !!! <g>)
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