The "Why upgrade to Vista" challenge…

Posted Sun, Jul 30 2006 15:23 by bill
Do you have any compelling reasons to upgrade to Vista ?  If so I'd love to hear them. 
What I plant to do is keep a tally of features/ awarding points for and against.  Of course those points will just be my opinion, and purely subjective ;)  And I'm a hard sell ;)
It's worth noting I'm the kind of customer who turns OFF themes on XP. 
Remember, this is weighing up "upgrading" .
Here's an indication of my point score:
* LPU account +7  (yes a massive 7 points as I think this is what every user really needs, but hard to do in XP without a lot of pain points)
* new Start menu -2 
* new explorer -2
* network user interface -2 ( -2 for extra clicks needed, -1 for problems with WAP passwords, +1 for pretty network picture)
* personalize -2 (half baked, and requires more clicks)
* new games like Mahjong tiles +0.5 (yeh I know I shouldn't include this, but I'm feeling generous <g>)
* integrated Search +2
That's a running total of : 1.5 !!!  Of course, we really need the value to be +10 or more to be a value proposition to upgrade (IMO)
Can you help tip the scales one way or the other ? 
Take on the "why upgrade to Vista challenge" :)
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# re: The "Why upgrade to Vista" challenge…

Sunday, July 30, 2006 6:54 PM by Daniel Moth

Favorites (in the shell e.g. document explorer *and* common file dialogs). Use them, love them, don't live without them :)

# re: The "Why upgrade to Vista" challenge…

Monday, July 31, 2006 11:15 PM by bill

hey Daniel,

That's a hard one to judge.  I do like that you can drag and drop to that list, +1, and that the view is now consistant between explorer and commonfile dialogues (commonfile dialogues now have the explorer tree) +1
But at the same time I find the explorer tree is a pain compared to XP, as I need to resize it just about every time I use it.  In fact, explorer is one of my major pain points in Vista.  You see, in XP I move my desktop, user documents etc, so I don't need that "favourites", the tree is all I need. Yet in Vista they've made that harder for me to do.
-2 (or more)
So all in all,  it's a no win or a negative for me.  But I must admit, with just a bit more code to give smarter sizing of the explorer tree, they'd have a winner of at least a point or two there. We'll have ot wait to see if they fix that first ;)