Builderau just doesn’t get it ?? (early Friday RANT)

Posted Thu, May 25 2006 4:38 by bill
A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Builderau  describing how to use snippets in Visual Studio 2005.   I was kind of amazed to see that they provided two links to "snippy" editor, but not a single one link to the VB Snippet Editor.  That's despite the VB Snippet Editor being open source and also linked to from MSDN. Other magazines, MSDN magazine, Code magazine, DevX to name just a couple have all linked to the VB Snippet Editor.   Perhaps I am too close to the project, but I would say the VB Snippet Editor is a far superior tool, providing compilation testing, snippet management, code coloring etc, etc.  But in any case, you'd think that BuilderAu would as their name suggest at least highlight work done by fellow Aussies !!
Okay so I let that one go pass (until now that is) as I thought perhaps I am too close to the matter at hand.  But today's email just totally pissed me off…
Today they forwarded an article from TechRepublic titled "VB.NET or C# : choose your weapon".
Apart from the fact the article was incredibly shallow, barely even touching the surface of the differences, the author clearly doesn't know sh*t about VB.NET.  He goes on about how VB.NET does not have unsigned integers.  Seriously, where has he been, or what orifice has he got his head in ?  How hard is it for them to stop and RTFM before writing such trash. 
For the record, VB does have FULL SUPPORT for unsigned integers (and signed bytes for that matter) .  I could understand some people not knowing this, but not someone who claims to provide an authoritative article on the matter !!!
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# re: Builderau just doesn’t get it ?? (early Friday RANT)

Thursday, May 25, 2006 5:59 AM by Geoff Appleby

Early friday rant? Very early - it's still thrusday!

And that's disgusting. Have you complained to them as well here?

# re: Builderau just doesn’t get it ?? (early Friday RANT)

Thursday, May 25, 2006 4:56 PM by Corrado Cavalli

Funniest part is:
"... began his professional career..."
What kind of "Professional" support would you expect from an author of a such useless article?.

# re: Builderau just doesn’t get it ?? (early Friday RANT)

Thursday, May 25, 2006 6:18 PM by bill

Oh Geoff, you're not suggesting they don't even subscribe to the Aussie OPML that Frank put together... Surely not ;)