Parenthesized expressions (more on Closures)

Posted Sun, Apr 23 2006 23:26 by bill
since Scott said such nice things about my last post on closures, I thought I'd add some quick references from the language spec I stumbled upon today:

11.4.2 Parenthesized Expressions
A parenthesized expression consists of an expression enclosed in parentheses. A parenthesized expression is classified as a value, and the enclosed expression must be classified as a value. A parenthesized expression evaluates to the value of the expression within the parentheses.
There's also a document titled "How To : Force an Argument to be Passed by Value" in the VB language concepts that gives a brief overview.
I still think changing that to be (ByVal <variable>) instead of (<variable>) would not only make this obscure little feature of the language more obvious, but would also allow taking these semantics into the world of LINQ and closures :)
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